Silicon Valley HBO Application



Dear Silicon Valley production coordinator,

After working in the tech industry in San Francisco for over 5 years now, I am looking to make an industry change and would love to be a part of the production of Silicon Valley as an intern or assistant. I can even work for free (and Silicon Valley sure likes free!).

While I don’t have formal television experience, I do have a lot of operational experience and am used to wearing many hats. In my past positions, I’ve acted as personal assistant to a serial tech entrepreneur, organized events of all sizes for techies, managed new hire onboarding, and more. I’m confident that I can apply the skills I’ve gained to help Silicon Valley‘s production.

I’ve always been interested in being part of the telling of a good story, and Silicon Valley is almost too perfect of a bridge between my experience and my interests. I would love to get a chance to discuss more about how I can help the show.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

My resume is here.



Helen Yu
(415) 506-8508

My “Silicon Valley” experience in IMDb Pro format since I don’t have my own page yet:


*The above listed startups are all portfolio companies of Xenon Ventures.