Career highlights:

  • One of the first members of the Operations team for Rackspace’s San Francisco office (2013-2016)
    • I did everything from organizing successful parties and other events, managing our intern program, scheduling interview panels, and liaising with office vendors,­­ to creating a gym stipend program, and heading the hiring process for new team members.
    • Racker of the Month, October 2014
  • Early employee of Exceptional Cloud Services, a SaaS company known for, that was acquired by Rackspace in March 2013
  • Part of the property management team of 3 people for the Storek Building, a tech-centric office building in San Francisco’s SOMA district that was sold to Rubicon Point Partners in 2013
    • I was the first point of contact for the 100+ building tenants, managed multiple construction projects, and organized events and wrote a weekly newsletter to foster a sense of community among the tenants.
      • Does the timeline look confusing? I was working for Exceptional and Storek at the same time as part of the same full-time job since both were owned by the same person. Multitasking ftw!
  • 13 months working in Hong Kong at the US Commercial Service, US Consulate (2009) and Hong Kong Baptist University  (2010-2011)
    • I was one of five international young adults brought on as part of HKBU’s inaugural “A-team” program to help the Business School’s students with their English, public speaking, resume, and interview skills. The program was considered a huge success and continued for several years afterwards.


  • Operations, project management, event management, office management, property management, editing, market research
  • Software and SaaS:, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks Online, Mailchimp, TenderApp, Intercom


More details can be found in my resume and LinkedIn.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you see anything that is of interest to you!


Repping Rackspace

Repping Rackspace at UC Berkeley

Flowers from a happy tenant at the Storek Building

Flowers from a happy Storek tenant

Famous on the walls of HKBU

Famous jumping pic on the wall of HKBU